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GODIAG GT102 PIRT Power Probe DC 6-40V Vehicles Electrical System Diagnosis/ Fuel Injector Cleaning and Testing/Relay Testing

GODIAG GT102 PIRT Power Probe DC 6-40V Vehicles Electrical System Diagnosis/ Fuel Injector Cleaning and Testing/Relay Testing

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GODIAG GT102 PIRT Power Probe is a multi-use circuit-tester with built-in diagnostic power. It is the best electrical tester for reducing diagnostic time in all 6- to 40-volt vehicle electrical systems. Undoubtedly it is the most versatile and practical tool ever for its users.

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by owen kingsland on Dec 24, 2021
GODIAG GT101, Power probe.
I ordered this new style power probe from godiag, because I own 2 power probes already, but the gt101 was described very different. First of all, it arrived so fast, I was not expecting it. And for the last two days I have been trying every possible test I can put this through. This power probe has a relay attachment, with the connectors marked, so theres no guesswork, you easily plug each wire onto the matching relay terminal. To test, it’s a one button test start. As soon as you press that button you activate the relay, and there are different lights to notify you if its working properly or not, and you can also feel and hear the relay activity.
The gt101 has a short ground clip wire, so I tried several lights, small electric motors, a small fan, an egr valve I have in a pile of parts… and I used the ground clamp to ground each item, then applied power to each part to activate them! It’s a feature that no other power probe has available. The last part I tested was a small cooling fan, which I needed to find out if it was working before installing into my computer. Because of the short extra ground clip, I clipped the ground wire, then applied positive voltage with the tip of the gt101. The fan did not spin, and the light signals, as well as the audio signals from the gt101 tell me right away that this fan has an internal short! The Amperage was also displayed when I tried to activate the fan.
And by the way, I was 15 feet away from the battery I was clamped onto. The gt101 has 20 feet of cable, its awesome.
I performed the EGR valve test the same way. Grounded the valve, applied power with the gt101 and felt and heard the valve move. The amperage was a little high, so now I know that the valve works, but it probably just needs to be cleaned out to work properly again. This test took 4 minutes at most. It would have taken an hour testing on the car.
The injector cleaning feature seemed a little crazy, so I bought the injector cleaner, and I had to perform this service with the gt101. Who ever heard of a power probe cleaning injectors ?? I was concerned about how complicated the process was going to be. However, injector adaptors, and injector wire connectors are included in the gt101. I plugged the gt101 into the injector with the included harness, installed the injector into the adaptor also included with the gt101, and sprayed the injector cleaner through the adaptor. Then to start the cleaning, I pressed that one activation button and the cleaning process started! No leaks, no mess, and soooo easy. This is a service that can be done quickly, easily, without any real risk and can generate a new service that generates income. Important for any privately owned garage.
I have a starter motor installed on my vehicle, and im not sure if its dead. So This is how I diagnosed my no crank problem on my car. Since the motor and battery are installed in the car I did not have to use the grounding clip. The car is already grounded. So I removed the signal wire connected to the starter, contacted the starter motor signal terminal with the gt101 and applied power! The gt101 immediately cut out. I either over loaded the gt101, or theres a short to ground in the starter motor relay. The specs for the gt101 is 9 AMPS current capacity. That means, the starter motor is shorted out inside the case. Diagnosis complete, within 3 minutes.
I would highly recommend this power probe, over any other available. Its easy to use, accurate, diverse, and makes diagnostic procedures so easy, and incredibly fast. This tool is suited for the apprentice mechanics, Journeymen, as well as experienced technicians and specialists. The gt101 is worth 3 or 4 times the price you will pay to purchase one, and you can count on Godiag for fast and efficient, friendly service.
Owen Kingsland
Diagnostic master technician, diagnostic consultant.
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