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GODIAG Bunding Package

[US/UK/EU Ship] GODIAG GT100 OBDII Protocol Detector with FEM BDC Test Platform for BMW

  • Item No. SO537-SK348

With GODIAG GT100, can support communication detection and ECU maintenance/diagnosis /programming /coding, will make your work more simple and easier, save your time and money.
With GODIAG FEM BDC Test Platform, can support can program new key when all keys lost, can add new key to BMW FEM BDC vehicle on bench.

GODIAG BMW FEM BDC Test Platform Plus Colorful Jumper Cable DB25 for GODIAG GT100

  • Item No. SK348-SF277

GODIAG FEM / BDC programming test platform is a dedicated device developed for BMW locksmiths, maintenance engineers and FEM / BDC programming engineers.
Work with DB25 Jumper Cable, can be used as a Universal Adapter for All ECU Connections, functions like simple version of GODIAG GT100.

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