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GODIAG ECU GPT Boot AD Programming Adapter Used with J2534 Devices Easy and Convenient

Item No. SO676

GODIAG ECU GPT Boot AD programming adapter can help customers read and write ECU data without disassembling the ECU using the OBD2 Bench or GPT Bench method or disassembling the ECU and using the Boot method. This product is equipped with a short-circuit-proof BOOT resistance board connection line to protect the ECU. Customers can use it with J2534 devices and PCMFLash software.

Product Description

Product Features:
1. ECU dedicated connection terminal.
2. Support manual ignition power control
3. The ECU interface cable is labeled
4. Support ECU conversion to OBD2 mode to read and write data
5. Support RESET, BOOT, CNF1, GPT1, GPT2, 5V, 3.3V, VPP, GND.
6. Support PCMFlash automatic control of ignition power supply
7. Support ECU opening BOOT method to read and write data
8. CANbus is equipped with a switch to freely select the 120Ω resistor
9. Support GPT to read and write data without disassembling the ECU.
10. Equipped with BOOT resistance board connecting cable [anti-lost resistor design]


Product Functions:

Diagnostic function supports standard OBD2 protocol equipment.

Supports ECU reading and writing data, and supports J2534 devices.

Only Scanmatik 2 PRO for PCMflash allows to form GPT1, GPT2 signals necessary to work with Module 71.

Other devices Scanmatik OpenPort 2.0, Mongoose JLR, MongoosePro JLR,

Teradyne GNA600 (VCM 1), Mazda VCM 2 supports OBD2 or BOOT 53 mode to read and write ECU data.

Connection Method of GODIAG ECU GPT Boot AD programming adapter, J2534 device and PCMFlash dongle software.
J2534 device
connection method PCMFlash dongle software advantages
easy, convenient and save money

Convenient to observe communication status, current and voltage and other working status

Product Comparison:
Compatible with J2534 devices X X
BOOT resistance board X X X
Dedicated ECU terminal X X X
Power ignition manual /automatic switch X X
CANbus freely select the 120Ω  Fixed 120Ω X Fixed 120Ω
5V 3.3V GND CNF1 X X X
Package Includes:

1pc x GODIAG ECU GPT Boot AD Programming Adapter

8pcs x Soft Silicone Wires