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P004 Portable Vehicle Inflatable Pump 6000mAh Battery 15-Cylinder 150PSI Tire Pump with Power Bank LED Light for Car Bike Motorcycle Ball

Item No. SO688

The portable multi-function vehicle inflatable pump that can be used to pump cars, electric bicycles, bicycles, motorcycles, balls, etc.

Product Description

Product Features:
Automatic pressure induction stop.
Accurate detection, predict tire pressure.

Quick inflated in seconds.
Suitable for cars, electric bicycles, bicycles, motorcycles, balls.

Stronger heat dissipation.
Triple upgrade, stronger cooling.
Temperature control chip, faster heating dissipation,  inflatable without hot.

Meomory function

With memory function, the setting unit is saved intelligently, last setting unit will be diplayed next time.

Pressure measurement accuracy ±0.01Bar.

Upgrade noise reduction
The frequency of noise reduction structure is as low as 40db and the mechanical noise is less and the operation is comfortable.

Speed upgrade
Permanent magnet motor, strong power cylinder block efficiency doubled.

High precision sensor chip, test tire pressure zero error.

One machine for multiple uses.
Safety warning sign: two modes switch to adapt to different scenarios.
Blue light mode: emergency  Red light mode: temporary parking.

As a power bank in emergencies. Large capacity power bank.

Inflation beyond your imagination  
The air pump meets the needs of daily use.

LED lighting
Don't panic when driving in an emergency at night, turn into a flashlight to illuminate the whole car.

New upgrade
Keep track of tire pressure status.

Four modes can change
One-button preset tire pressure and stop when full.

Multiple accessories selection
1. Natural rubber inflatable tube. Flexible and durable, easy to carry.
2. Type-C standard fast charge interface, chargte the air pump anytime.
3. Replaceable independent gas nozzle, motorcycles, bicycles, ball pins.

Package Includes:
1pc x pump
1pc x inflatable tube
4pcs x valve adapters
1pc x type-C charging cable