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Wireless Smart Tire Pressure Pump 2000mAh 12.4V 150PSI 15-Cylinder Air Pump Fast Pumping for Car Bike Motorcycle Ball

Item No. SO685

Wireless smart tire pressure pump is MINI but convenient for fast pumping. It is read to pump at any time and can be used for inflatable bed sofa, Various inflatable toys at home, various balls, etc.

Product Description

Wireless Smart Tire Pressure Pump 2000mAh 12.4V 150PSI 15-Cylinder Air Pump Fast Pumping for Car Bike Motorcycle Ball

Product Features:

1. Quick display tire pressure.   
2. Wireless inflatable   
3. Blu-ray night vision                                       
4. Preset pressure                     
5. with battery               
6. Portable to take

High-performance all copper motor
Strong permanent magnet motor improve performance and reduce energy consumption make the air pump safer and durable.

Intelligent Stop Charging With Preset Tire Pressure

Set the required tire pressure in advance. Fully automatic stop, no need to check all times, can manually press to stop.
Built-in Light with 6 Bright Lamp Beads

The air pump comes with cob light to solve your emergency needs.

MINI and Convenient, Ergonomic
Easy to master with one hand.
Small Body, Big Effect
Applicable to a varity of products for inflation, car tires, ball children's toys, etc.

WIth Multi-function Nozzle 

High performance 18650 battery, the same model of Tesla
Inflate for ten minutes, then stop and recharge.

Charging display instructions: Charge the battery through the USB cable to fully charge the battery. When the battery shows a red light, it means charging. And a green light means full.

How to Use the Product?

Three positions you can find the standard tire pressure of the tire: 1. fuel tank door, 2. near the car door B pillar, 3. manual

How to Use the wireless models?
1. Turn on and insert the inflatable tube.
2. Set tire pressure and short press the set button.
3. Inflation pump.
4. Pull out the tire. First and then fix the air pump tube.

How to Use the wired models?
1. Start the car.
2. The cigarette lighter wire is inserted into the cigarette lighter.
3. Repeat steps for wireless models.

Product Parameters:
Car power supply: 12V 3A
Emergency lighting: 80LM for 10hours
Operating temperature:-2℃~70℃
Input voltage: charger 5V/2A
Working current: 1-5A
Charging method: Micro USB
Air Efficiency: Charge 1.95
Charging time: about two hours.
Mountain tire for 2 minutes.
Net weight: 750/500
Battery capacity: 2000mA 12.4V
Package Includes:
1pc x air pump
1pc x box
1pc x gift bag
1pc x USB cable
1pc x inflatable tube
3pcs x adapters
1pc x manual