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Wireless Vehicle-Mounted Air Pump 6000mAh 150PSI 15-Cylinder Air Pump with Power Bank Function Large Screen LED Light for Car Bike Motorcycle Ball

Item No. SO687

The wireless vehicle-mounted air pump is suitable for inflatable products such as cars, bicycles, balls, balloons, swimming rings, etc,

Product Description

Wireless Vehicle-Mounted Air Pump 6000mAh 150PSI 15-Cylinder Air Pump with Power Bank Function Large Screen LED Light for Car Bike Motorcycle Ball

Product Features:

Wireless Vehicle-Mounted Air Pump
One-key switch/ Multiple scenarios/ Wireless & Portable/ Power Bank

Enjoy quietly

Inflatable new upgrade
Tire pressure is a matter of life
A flat tire is the No.1 killer during driving. Tyre pressure is too high or too low can easily cause a puncture.

One-button inflation, simple to use.

Large Screen
Intelligent dual digital display

One-key Switching of Multiple Scenes
Built-in for cars, motorcycles, bicycles, balls and custom modes.

One-key switch to use mode.
No obstacles to inflating
Built-in memory function can save parameters.
This product has its own memory function, which can save the previous data. It is convenient for consumers to operate with one button next time in the same scene, and there is no need to repeat setting data.

Small and portable design, receivable inflatable tube
Mini and compact, does not take up space, can be accessed at any time, inflatable tube storage design.

Avoid losing the inflation tube, don't have to worry about twisting the wire, and prolong the service life.
USB output, mobile phone digital power bank
Intelligently adapted charging management chip, compatible with most digital devices on the market.

LED light design comes with lighting.

Preset tire pressure intelligent charging charging and stopping.

Universal Type-C need not worry
Type-C charging interface compatible with most smartphone charging cables.

Fully charged and inflatable 6 motorcycle tires
The inflatable speed is about 6 minutes to fill a tire.

High-performance optimization, Lithium iron phosphate battery.

High performance metal motor
The metal permanent magnet motor has a long battery life and can be filled with 5 car tires at a time.

All metal cylinder block heats up quickly.
High-performance pure copper cylinder, cycle times more than 5000 times.
Smaller size, longer service life, low and not sharp.

Why choose it ?
5 modes one-key switch
Car/Motorcycle/Bicycle/Ball/Custom mode
Dual LED screen current/ preset tire pressure
Simultaneous display of current tire pressure and target tire pressure
Parameters with memory function can be saved.
Convenient to use in the same scene next time.
No need to repeat setting data.

How to use it?
1. Turn on and insert the inflation tube.
2. Set the pressure and short press the set button.
3. The air pump starts to inflate.
4. Unplug the inflation tube after inflation is complete.

Product Parameters:
Charging input:5V/2A
Product weight: 500g
Battery capacity: 4*2000mAh
Packing size:49*70*159mm
Charging method: Type-C universal
Working temperature:-10℃~60℃

Package Includes:
1pc x air pump
1pc x inflatable tube
1pc x storage bag
4pcs x valve adapters
1pc x type-C charging cable